Sunday, November 14, 2010

No shortcuts please!

It was recently when I had started with my freelancing job. I had registered with almost 5-6 of the freelance sites. I was desperately searching for work and used to finish my weekly quota of job applications in just 2-3 days! I would apply in all categories- Testing, data entry, article writing, forum posting and what not!! Once I saw a job posting which said- “Great opportunity for newbies! Apply if you can post on forums, 2-3 posts per day.” Immediately applied as I knew that posting 2-3 topics per day is a cake walk. Got the response in few hours. I was so happy. After all, I had got my first response to a job application!
I didn’t waste time and quickly followed the instructions given by the employer. I was in so hurry for doing the job that I didn’t notice the employer’s name, nor his credential verifications., nor his location And, you know what were the instructions given?
  • Go to the URL. Some site url he had given.
  • Send me the login name and I will let you know the further instructions
I followed the instructions given. I waited for almost 2 weeks. The employer never got back to me. And, why will he? Because his work was done. His mission was accomplished! Yes. But how? Neither did I do any work, nor I posted anything on any forums. Then how? I re-checked the URL he gave, I understood that there is something wrong. Now come on, who will pay you just for clicking on a link or registering on a site?? No one has so much bank balance that he will pay you just for clicking links. The link he sent me had a reference id, and it had his name in it. I understood now. Here, he was getting referral points/money when someone joins a site using his reference id. Phew! I almost felt like an idiot who had helped him earn money by making me a fool!
I don’t know how much he earned. because of me. But think, how many such applicants would have applied and followed the instructions and fell under this trap? And, on how many sites he would have registered himself and took advantage of people in need of work?
An important lesson learnt! Never trust people who are ready to give out easy money to you. Beware of ads like “Make money by clicking ads”, “Make money by easy data entry”. This is out of my personal experience- Sites which begin their text with “Make easy money” or “Make money easily” are definitely the fake ones! They either dupe you by not paying for your work, or they in turn ask you to pay to  use their services! Also, never click on links that you get in mails which say- “I earned 300$ per day. Do you want to earn it?” These kind of things will definitely land you in trouble.
So, an advice to all the newbies- Please do not fell trap to these kind of crooks. There are lot more genuine jobs available for you. You just need to keep your eyes open and have patience.


Laxman said...

Thats 200% true. Never try to get something easily, though its $1, it will come on your way only if you workout.

Well said Ambika, this is very very very imp to newbies wants to earn online.

Anonymous said...

True Ambika - this is a useful tip. Though money can be earned online - there are no shortcuts.

Here's an article I wrote on this topic:

and no, I do not get paid if you click that link :)

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