Saturday, January 23, 2010

My last day @office...

It was finally here.. The day I was most happy about or I should say I was most confused about. It was my last working day in the office. I was only hoping it would never come all through my notice period.. but it CAME..I had no words, I was not able to understand if I was happy or sad or what! I was completely numb frankly! After all I was not going to be back here now. In fact, not working at all..

Almost 6 years of work, fun, friends and now I would have to leave all this behind. I was waiting for all the formalities to be done, and glancing at the campus for the very last time. The trees, the people, the garden; where we used to have tea/coffee during the breaks; the sitting area where we had dozens of discussions, fights, talks with my friends; the balcony, where I used to spend most of the time during my breaks talking to my husband before marriage! All this were no more mine. I would no more see them..

My 6 years of hard work and loyalty being handed over to me in just a piece of paper which was barely 2 paragraphs!! 

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