Saturday, January 23, 2010

My last day @office...

It was finally here.. The day I was most happy about or I should say I was most confused about. It was my last working day in the office. I was only hoping it would never come all through my notice period.. but it CAME..I had no words, I was not able to understand if I was happy or sad or what! I was completely numb frankly! After all I was not going to be back here now. In fact, not working at all..

Almost 6 years of work, fun, friends and now I would have to leave all this behind. I was waiting for all the formalities to be done, and glancing at the campus for the very last time. The trees, the people, the garden; where we used to have tea/coffee during the breaks; the sitting area where we had dozens of discussions, fights, talks with my friends; the balcony, where I used to spend most of the time during my breaks talking to my husband before marriage! All this were no more mine. I would no more see them..

My 6 years of hard work and loyalty being handed over to me in just a piece of paper which was barely 2 paragraphs!! 

I am sure everyone would have been through this at least once in their lives; One job which they do not do for money, not for position, but just for their own SATISFACTION. This was mine.. I wanted to be here just for the sake of myself and not for anyone else in the world. This meant a source of completeness to me. Something, because of which I had a reason to be self-respected, independent and happy about.
All of my batch-mates had left the company in 2 or 3 yrs for a higher salary or designation. Not that I didn't wanted all of these, but its just that staying here made me feel so happy that all those things didn't matter. Of course first I had my dad and then my husband for my financials so I dint have to worry about anything else ;)
Another most important thing which fascinated me here was the RED TAG which they gave when an employee completed 5 years(It was a different colored ID card which employee wore after completing 5 yrs; they had different colors for milestones, 5,10)
It was my dream to wear the red tag and walk in the campus with pride.. And, yes, I DID IT!!! I had actually completed 5 years there. 

But as they say, everything has an end. Even this had an end.. I can't say a bad or a sad end. But, something which was very very dear to me was being taken off..Or rather I was giving it away.. The final day had arrived...It was the last time I was sitting on my chair; last time I was locking my desk; last time I was shutting down my system; last time I was peeping out of my cubicle to call my friend over coffee; last time seeing the entire floor where I had known almost all people; And, the last time I was wearing my RED TAG :(

I almost had tears in my eyes when I was giving it away. My heart said don't give it!! when the security guard was taking the tag from me.. And now, I was wearing a VISITOR pass!

Bye Bye Wipro ! I will definitely see you again sometime .. till then keep that red tag there for me :)


srija said...

Very nice post ambika... I almost felt the same when I was leaving. a mixture of feelings u experience through on that day... Everything flashed before me for a while when I was reading ur post

Varghese said...

senti kar diya...

Renu Abraham said...

good writeup keedi.. :-)

Ambika Kulkarni said...

Thanks everyone!
@Thomas- It was indeed a veri senti moment for me that day..

purniiiiiiiii said...

I will be going thru the same phase very soon :) I already started missing wipro..

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