Sunday, November 28, 2010

An adventurous journey!

Was going through some old emails from my inbox the other day, and suddenly looked over “My last working day” mails. Yes, they were replies to my last working day mail from my colleagues. I had a look at the mail’s date. Whoa! That was almost an year old. That means, I will be celebrating the first anniversary as a Work at home mom :) Yippee!!
Its almost an year and it still feels like yesterday that I left office. The memories are very fresh. My colleagues, my work, my clients,(Yes, I do miss them!) everyone, and everything is as fresh as it happened yesterday.
Hmmm… So how was my one year at home been? A lot of people kept asking me just after I quit about how I feel being at home. If I have  to answer it now, I would say ADVENTUROUS !!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

No shortcuts please!

It was recently when I had started with my freelancing job. I had registered with almost 5-6 of the freelance sites. I was desperately searching for work and used to finish my weekly quota of job applications in just 2-3 days! I would apply in all categories- Testing, data entry, article writing, forum posting and what not!! Once I saw a job posting which said- “Great opportunity for newbies! Apply if you can post on forums, 2-3 posts per day.” Immediately applied as I knew that posting 2-3 topics per day is a cake walk. Got the response in few hours. I was so happy. After all, I had got my first response to a job application!
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