Sunday, November 28, 2010

An adventurous journey!

Was going through some old emails from my inbox the other day, and suddenly looked over “My last working day” mails. Yes, they were replies to my last working day mail from my colleagues. I had a look at the mail’s date. Whoa! That was almost an year old. That means, I will be celebrating the first anniversary as a Work at home mom :) Yippee!!
Its almost an year and it still feels like yesterday that I left office. The memories are very fresh. My colleagues, my work, my clients,(Yes, I do miss them!) everyone, and everything is as fresh as it happened yesterday.
Hmmm… So how was my one year at home been? A lot of people kept asking me just after I quit about how I feel being at home. If I have  to answer it now, I would say ADVENTUROUS !!
Experienced a lot of new things, learnt so much and many a times did crazy things! Of course, the year had few bad situations too. I screamed, messed up things, got frustrated like hell! But, enjoyed these too!
If I look back at my one year of “being at home” it really feels wonderful. I am doing so many things which I was not able to do earlier. I am not only spending more time with my daughter, but my mom also gets to spend more time with her daughter(Well, that’s me if you didn’t understand!!) :) I need not wait till a weekend to do any household work. My home is cleaner than ever! I do not have to ask my friends to meet on weekends. We can meet anytime!!
I was really nervous before I quit as to how will I get adjusted to “being at home”. But, I must say I got adjusted quickly here ;) So many things have kept me busy all through out. And, I am busier now than ever!! It all depends on how you take things. I am no philosopher nor a great person to say that I have done something very great. But, I am definitely proud of myself that I have travelled the journey from “Working Mom” to “Work At Home” mom very smoothly :)


Laxman said...

You're inspiring all working moms out there heheh :) Spending more time with family is just a gift..

Ambika Kulkarni said...

Thanks Laxman!! Yes, its just wonderful being at home :)

Bubbles Mom said...

Hi Ambika,

Hope you are doing well! Congrats on making staying at home work for you all as a family :)

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Ambika... time flies!! :)

Ambika Kulkarni said...

Thanks Thomas :)

Swathi said...

Hi Ambika,
By reading your lines, i was surprised that one year passed that you gave me Project server KT..Great!! Enjoy your days..Your blog is very informative..pls keep updating this with your knowledge & experiences...

Ambika Kulkarni said...

Thanks a lot Swathi!! Time flies away so fast!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ambika,

I am looking for freelancer jobs, was scared and do not know how to start. Reading your blog gives me lot of inspiration and enthusiasm to start working. Hope I get to know a lot from it and would like to chat more about it with you.


Ambika Kulkarni said...

Thanks a lot Shital! Glad that you liked my blog and happy that you would like to start working again..

Would love to help you! Anytime!

Tina said...

Hello Ambika

Read your blog.. its really inspiring and motivating for all women..!! Currently I am working as a full time QA but am looking for some freelancing in testing .. need your help on the same..Could you please share with me your Email Id or Contact number.
Awaiting in your reply.

Tina Gupta

Ambika Kulkarni said...


Thanks Tina! Sure. Would be happy to help!
I am sending you an email with some details. Do let me know if it helps!

S.Ranjan said...

Hi Ambika,
Yesterday I saw your blog which is very informative and useful for me. Actually i am looking for freelancing in software testing (manual and automation ). I need your guidance that how to get project therefore if you have links kindly send me on my email id.


Ambika Kulkarni said...

@Shweta, Thank you so much for the comments! Good to hear that you liked my blog!

I work on ODesk. You just need to create your profile with proper skill and other details there. And, bid on projects. Will definitely let you know if I get any leads on additional projects.

Thanks again!

Narasimha Murthy said...

Dear Ambika Ji,

I am Narasimha Murthy, working as an Procurement Officer at Hyderabad. Iam recently married and my wife wants to have a Freelancer Jobs. She is a BCom Graduate and have good typing speed. Can u please guide her to get hired.

my mail Id

K.Narasimha Murthy.

Ambika Kulkarni said...

Dear Mr. Murthy,

Thank you for visiting my blog.
You can ask your wife to try out data entry jobs on odesk or elance. It can be a good start to her.


prachi said...

Hi Ambika,

Today I saw your blog which is very informative and enthusiastic for me. Actually i am looking for freelancing job in software testing...need your help on the same..Could you please share your Email Id or Contact number.

I have 3+ years experience in testing.But,last 1.5 years looking for job in hyderabad.So,please guide me how to start freelancing,what is the process,how to bid the project etc..


Ambika Kulkarni said...

Hello Prachi,

Thank you for visiting my blog! Glad that you liked it... You can go through other posts of my blog which describe the process and site reviews as well which might help you.


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