Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Management Skills- Use it here :)

“Wow Ambika! This is great. Now you will be able to look after your daughter and continue your work also!”
“You must be having a great time at home now!”
“You lucky gal!”

Those were some of the responses of my friends when they came to know that I have been working from home for a while now… There is a general assumption in people about us that working from home women are the luckiest! They get all the luxuries of being a home maker and a professional too.  Well, if you are also among one of those then let me tell you- “Working from home is the most difficult thing on earth!!”

There is no manager to give you the tasks for the week; there is no specific client for the whole day; there are no strict timings for your work; and, above all, you have a house (and a kid) manage!! All these things will not definitely have a sync and most of the times you will land in a mess if you want to do everything at a time J (I have had experienced It most of the time!!) You start your day perfectly; put your clothes in the washing machine; send your kids off to school; finish up other tasks and finally you have your own time to start your work… But, Alas! Your child is back from school early today, or your washing machine doesn’t work suddenly, or worst- there is no electricity!! These are only a few instances which I have actually experienced J 

Of course we can do little about these. What I mean is there are lot more challenges that a work from home mom faces in her daily routine! You have got to have the best management skills to be able to cope with all this!!

Working at home requires a lot of discipline and commitment towards the work and definitely lots and lots of “Patience” J

Apart from home, at your virtual work place also, there are quite a lot of challenges that you would face- Most of the times you cannot see the client; you are not sure whether the payment will be made! There is no team member to help you here when needed urgently; you don’t know if you should trust the other person you are working with. Most of the times, you might be working on many different projects which makes organizing much more difficult.

Well, it’s not that I am discouraging from working from home. Believe me I never will!! But, I just want to share few tips here which have helped me till now. They might help you as well in organizing your work at home.

It’s not about a single day, not about how perfectly you plan or how good you are in your work. It’s just how good your day turns out to be J .The most important thing which I have learnt all these months is having “Patience”. I know for people who spend most of the day at home and that too with small kids, and on top of that if you ask to have patience- It’s IMPOSSIBLE!!!! But, there is no other way J
Not that I am the perfect home maker now or I am very good at my work. But, it is always easy to give suggestions and help people J so, an easy advice from me is to all the home makers and work at home moms-

  • 1. Plan your day in advance. Like what are you going to do tomorrow? These might as well be like sending mails or preparing reports or even what dish to prepare for dinner!
  • 2. Do not get irritated if your plan is spoiled J Start again. We have a whole day with us!
  • 3. When you are doing your work, avoid distractions. What I mean here is you can avoid twitter, Facebook and other “interesting” stuff for the time being.
  • 4. Try not to do multi tasking. I know we are good at it J but, if you can finish one thing at a time, it would cost you lesser time! What we often do is try finishing as many things as possible and this actually spoils everything!
  • 5. Maintain separate data for separate clients if you are working on different projects. Try being very organized here. Often we might end in confusions here. Write down if you don’t remember which client is for which project!

         These helped me till now and hope it helps you too. Never allow anything affect your morale. There will be lots of bad things happening all through the day, but keep that spirit going. And, remember one thing- “You are the best, so do what you can do best- Manage!!” 


Alujna said...

2. Do not get irritated if your plan is spoiled. Start again. We have a whole day with us!
I needed that point. I get frustrated very often, esp. if my plan is spoiled!
Nice blog you have here. I've started following it! :)

Ambika Kulkarni said...

Thanks Alujna, glad that you liked my blog! I guess its a common point we all need to follow :)

Srilakshmi said...

I like your blog Ambika. Very informative on Freelancing.
Good, keep it up and continue to write.

Srikrishna said...

Its nicely written.. Keep going..

Revathi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Revathi said...

Grt!! u rock Ambika...You are right about MultiTasking.. It may probably work at ur work place.. but when it comes to ur household work.. its always better to do one by one..it saves a lot of time and gives us a perfect output!!

Ambika Kulkarni said...

Thanks so much friends! Really happy to c that you liked my posts :)

Swathi said...

Very informative blog..thanks for sharing Ambika

Ambika Kulkarni said...

Thanks Swathi!

Anonymous said...

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